Rex Bentley Director of MiCaddy and My Farm Mate electric smart carts Australia

Rex Bentley

My name is Rex Bentley and I established the family business which includes MiCaddy golf carts and Farm Mate electric smart carts in Australia. MiCaddy was established in 2005 and I am proud of achieving a reputation for providing great customer service and products that make peoples lives easier.

In another lifetime I was a farmer so I do understand life on the land and have a good mechanical understanding of machinery and what make things work. 
With this knowledge, We have worked on developing improvements to the products we sell and have developed accessories that are designed to meet the needs of many uses for the Micaddy golf carts and Farm Mate versatile electric utility carts.

I am happy to discuss any application where you think the Farm Mate electric utility carts could help you. I would tell you if I thought various accessories may be available or developed, or if I thought that it would not suit your requirements.

Obligation demonstrations can be arranged within the greater Perth Metropolitan area.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss any queries or suggestions that you may have so do not hesitate to give me a call at any time on 0418 833 329.

What is a Farm Mate

  • The Farm-Mate is a Light Utility Vehicle that offers many advantages over conventional fuel powered ATV's making it well suited for many applications as well as on the land. 

  • Very quiet operation makes it an Ideal handyman, maintenance vehicle for semi rural properties, commercial cleaners, Larger schools, Lifestyle villages, warehouse work, horse properties etc. Or just a very versatile unit to use for general mobility around your property.

  • In fact almost anywhere quiet, comfortable, pollution free mobility is needed.

  •  And even better, if you play golf, it can be your golf cart on the golf course...

    Priced from $5450.

Why choose a Farm Mate?

The Farm-Mate is unique to MiCaddy from importing to after sales service so you deal directly with MiCaddy at all times rather than a third party. Some features included are:

  • Comfortable double seat

  • Only 1 pedal for power and braking makes driving a breeze for any age.

  • Forward/reverse lever on steering column for easy finger tip control.

  • Automatic park brake activated when vehicle comes to a stop.

  • LED Headlights, tail lights, indicator lights, horn, reverse beeper and USB port are standard fittings as are
    a Hard top Roof and drop down screen.

  • 36v motor Powered by 3 12v 80Ah AGM deep cycle batteries in series.

  • Batteries and warranty are supplied by a major local battery supplier.

  • Multi stage battery charger. Important for maximum battery life.

  • Quality oil filled transaxles.

  • Curtis programmable controllers fitted.

  • Regenerative braking.

  • Adjustable shock absorbers.

  • Very maneuverable


  • Length: 1) 1.8M. Width: 0.9M.

  • Height: A) Without roof 1.26M. B) With roof 1.84M.

  • Weight: 240Kg.

The Farm Mate can be transported in mostcommon 6 x 4 trailers.

Some Available Options

  • Tailored weather curtains are available

  • Wheelie bin attachment to tow multiple bins. Excellent for those with a long drive way or group residential units.

  • Light weight carry all tray. great for transporting tools, plants etc.

  • A “Flip seat” that mounts to the rear to carry 2 passengers. This can be flipped over to become a work tray.

  • 12 volt socket to power accessories

  • Rear work light

  • Tow bar to pull a poly tipping trailer (Very Handy!)

    If you think the Farm Mate could help make your life easier, or maybe increase productivity for you, why not contact Rex to discuss your particular requirements. He may be able to suggest a way to make it suit your needs if you want more than just the basic Smart Cart.
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